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2021.10.20 13:54 chanelbabylove Do your like this too?

Do your like this too? Sharing my favourite purchase of the moment, scan the QR if yall are interested! and Remember to use kira10 for extra discount.
scan for website

coco crush large
coco crush small
coco crush micro
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2021.10.20 13:54 Ilikeplaygame What do you think makes a great Band name or Stage name?

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2021.10.20 13:54 dragonnightz352 How strong is Gon during the palace invasion

How strong is Gon during the palace invasion During Gon final fight with Knuckle he said Gon aura output when using Ken was 1800 units of aura
But when using Ja jan ken his aura output goes over 2000 units do to the risks he takes in using the ability
Which is more than Knuckle aura output sense Knuckle was knockout by a ja jan ken rock even though he used Ko to block so Knuckle output should between 1900 or 2000 range sense rock is over 2000
Killua states that Gon when facing Pitou aura output is on a different level than before
If we take into account that Gon already had a output of 1800 when using Ken and Knuckle can't be higher than 2000 sense he got Ko by a single rock Gon aura output is most likely over 2000 units during this time sense Killua said it's way higher than it was before I can't see him saying that if Gon output only went up to 1900 units
With that in mind how would this kid Gon compare to top tier characters sense Knuckle should be around the 1900 to 2000 range in output I think it's safe say this Gon aura output is higher
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2021.10.20 13:54 tactusaurath Parquet Courts to host a "Sympathy for Life, Visualized" livestream today at 10pm ET

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2021.10.20 13:54 joshthehappy My kid got an Animal Crossing Monopoly game for her birthday, but the box was damaged in shipping. So I made her a new one.

My kid got an Animal Crossing Monopoly game for her birthday, but the box was damaged in shipping. So I made her a new one. submitted by joshthehappy to AnimalCrossing [link] [comments]

2021.10.20 13:54 PM_ME_CHESS_PUZZLES Can anyone here guys do something for $5 ?

I need the code to add a burn function to a BEP20 token on solidity.
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2021.10.20 13:54 hogBelly Perfect Storm: IndyCar's Las Vegas Nightmare

Has anyone else seen this movie on youtube? Not sure if it is something to spend an hour on.
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2021.10.20 13:54 Astrid_Bypass Stonercore?

Can anyone recommend "core bands that incorporate influences from stonesludge rock? in the vein of Seemless, newer he is legend, open hand, stuff like that
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2021.10.20 13:54 Archipics [For Hire] Pixel art background. Commissions Open. Link in Comment

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2021.10.20 13:54 PlayfulProblem3 Stolen bike recovered SIXTEEN MONTHS later! A Vancouver miracle! Thank you, Ian, wherever you are! ❤️❤️❤️

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2021.10.20 13:54 jhillside Lancia Delta S4 around Nurburgring Sprint GT.

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2021.10.20 13:54 freshlymint Is this jumper useless? It's an HEATING only system - infloor hydronic heating. I want to install a nest/smart thermostat. I think I'll likely need a C wire but I don't know how to deal with this jumper. Is it possible it's no needed?

Is this jumper useless? It's an HEATING only system - infloor hydronic heating. I want to install a nest/smart thermostat. I think I'll likely need a C wire but I don't know how to deal with this jumper. Is it possible it's no needed? submitted by freshlymint to hvacadvice [link] [comments]

2021.10.20 13:54 nickthestick1234 What a charmer…

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2021.10.20 13:54 whatswrongbaby P4S | UK | 1 GBPS | CDN | Movies 30,000+ | 4K Movies 1,500+ | Bollywood Movies 2000+ | TV Shows 8000+ | TV Shows Bollywood 100+ | 4K TV Shows 600+ | TV Anime 700+ | Music 200,000+ | Calibre 200,000+ eBooks and Comics | 2-day Money-Back Guarantee | $6/Month

Below are services you will be offered if you join CS

  1. Plex
  2. Emby
  3. Jellyfin
  4. Calibre
  5. Subsonic
Server Info: Intel Xeon 8 vCore, 16 GB RAM, OVH NVMe SSD
Location: UK
🎥 Movies - 30,000+
🎥 Movies (4K) - 1,500+
🎥 Bollywood Movies - 2000+
📺 TV Shows - 8,000+
📺 TV Shows (4K) - 600+
📺 TV Web Series Bollywood - 100+
📺 TV Anime - 700+
📺 TV Kids - 700+
📺 TV Asian - 500+
📺 Complete Studio Ghibli Collection
💪 Fitness Programs (P90X, Insanity)
🎵 Music FLACS 200,000+
🎵 Music Bollywood FLACS 3500+
📚 Audio Books
📚 200,000 eBooks & Comic books (via Calibre)
👷‍♂️ Music over Subsonic
📂 Over 900 TB! overall
✅ Extra Server both for Plex and Emby
✅ 2 streams/user. +$2 per extra stream. Max 4 streams (Subject to availability)
✅ CDN enabled at major locations
✅ Quick loading and smooth playing
✅ Requests through Discord for subscribers
✅ 4K Content
✅ Transcode Allowed, except for 4K content
✅ Library of Bollywood content
✅ Tons of media you can enjoy
✅ Content added daily
🏷️ $6 USD / month - Other subscription and combo offers available
💳 PayPal subscription through Discord
🔥 48 hour refund policy if you’re not satisfied! 🔥
🔥 Come see the only media server you’ll ever need! 🔥
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2021.10.20 13:54 aqueoushcl Where is a nice bathroom to poop on campus?

Looking for a nice, clean bathroom to poop. (Yes I am serious).
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2021.10.20 13:54 Urbaki I know lefties who learned to crochet by standing in front of the mirror. They say that this makes it easier for them to follow the tutorials.

I know lefties who learned to crochet by standing in front of the mirror. They say that this makes it easier for them to follow the tutorials. submitted by Urbaki to YarnAddicts [link] [comments]

2021.10.20 13:54 TeaTimeAesthetic Looking for suggestions/recommendations for fantasy books about werewolves

I love fantasy/sci-fi novels. I've read tons of books about witches, vampires, and the like, but not a ton about werewolves. Anyone got any suggestions?
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2021.10.20 13:54 SmashBrosFanalic God of War (2018) was announced for PC just two hours ago and is already the most sold game on Steam for October 2021.

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2021.10.20 13:54 BigFoley How I would rework the Voidwalker subclass

(I’m not coming up with names for new abilities because I’m not creative)
Before I start, here’s a quick refresher on the terminology for the void subclasses coming February (taken directly from the TWAB following the witch queen reveal, link here)
Enemy debuffs:

Player Buffs
My new version of the viodwalker won't be using Invisibility or Void oversheild, as I don’t really think these play into the power fantasy of the voidwalker subclass
So first up, the supers
Nova bomb – the fast-traveling version of nova bomb, has the vortex perk intrinsically – higher damage than current nova bomb, but not quite as much as celestial nighthawk or cuirass of the falling star (because both of those are exotic + super combos). The vortex effect of Nova bomb applies the weaken debuff to enemies damaged by it. All of these buffs will be accompanied by a rather large nerf, most of the damage from nova bomb will come from the direct impact of the projectile rather than the explosion of the projectile. The explosion damage will still be enough to one shot a guardian in crucible but won't be very effective against majors in mid-high end PvE activities.
Nova warp – literally just nova warp as is now, I really don’t think it needs much adjustment, the one adjustment I would make is that all enemies damaged by nova warp that don’t die are given the volatile effect, this should give it a Ticcu’s vibe as a super to go and “prime” enemies for your allies to clean up and hopefully should help with its endgame viability as an ad-clear super.
You’ll notice that “Slova-bomb” isn’t being brought forward as one of the voidwalker supers. The main reason is because right now it doesn’t really feel like it has a place in the game beyond doing more damage. Pushing the extra damage onto the base version of nova bomb takes the best aspect of slova-bomb while getting rid of the sluggish feel in PvE, and the annoyingness to both use and fight against in PvP.
Also, you can see that I made the new version of nova bomb, very strong as both a super that has strong single target damage as well as a reliable single target debuff. This is because I want this super to become a super that you use when there is a large miniboss or boss style enemy, as I want nova warp to be the main ad-clear tool for voidwalkers. Given that warlocks currently lack high single target damage, I think this is a pretty good change in that front.
(I promise grenade melee and jumps won't be that long)
Jump abilities
The 3 standard warlock jumps as well as blink
Notes: I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t want to bring the 3rd glide type to voidwalker it seems like a no brainer. One thing that I think would be a point of contention is whether we should include blink in the new version of voidwalker. I clearly lay on the side of keeping blink in the game, it’s been here since year 1 of D1, given that it isn't a problem at all in crucible right now I don’t see a reason to remove it.
Melee abilities
Ability 1 - A projectile void ball (very similar to the projectile in the chaos reach tree of stormcaller except with a faster trave time, and it doesn’t detonate when in proximity of an enemy, damage will only be done on direct impact) that deals high damage when it hits an enemy. Apon contact with the environment or an enemy it will apply volatile status to enemies in a close radius.
Ability 2 – When you hit an enemy with this melee you gain a chunk of grenade ability energy and gain devour
Notes: Nothing too crazy here, a while ago bungie commented on their intention to add more “skillshot” abilities, so I added melee ability 1 to fulfill that kind of role, I intend this to be a deadly ability in the crucible when it comes to counter-shotgunning (which I have another ability specifically for that coming up) while requiring a good amount of skill to use. Ability 2 basically just the bottom tree melee now, shouldn’t be too crazy, just another way to kickstart devour.
Vortex – same vortex we have now, nothing special
Axion bolt – now produces the same amount of darts as enemies in its radius (up to a cap of 4), all enemies hit with the darts are inflicted with volatile status
Scatter – same as before except damage is moderately higher in PvE (same in PvP)
Notes: Vortex dominates grenade choice in voidwalkers right now in both PvE and PvP, rather than bring it down to the other grenades level I chose to buff other grenades to give them certain advantages in different aspects of play. Vortex is a good zoning tool, Axion bolt is good for inflicting volatile, and scatter is a good tool for quick burst damage on a target
(For this section I'll be putting my notes after every aspect)
Aspect 1 – double tap [whatever you double tap for Icarus Dash on your platform] to teleport backwards (cannot activate while airborne)
Notes: This is the counter shotgun move I mentioned before, this move is meant to be used reactionarily, which is why the teleport will only move you a few meters backwards. Obviously, it would have cooldown, I think around 10 seconds is probably okay. This would lean more into the PvP identity I'm trying to create for voidwalker which is countering the W key warriors in the crucible. I wouldn't expect this to see very much use in PvE since it’s purly just a movement tool.
Aspect 2 – hold [melee input] to consume your melee charge for a handheld supernova (same attack as handheld supernova now)
Notes: So, I really wanted to keep handheld supernova in the game, but the current keybind (holding grenade) would conflict with another aspect coming up, so I moved it to consuming a melee charge. I think this actually makes a lot more sense just because handheld supernova seems like more of a melee attack than a grenade just because of its short range. This would probably need a casting animation but that shouldn’t be too much of a problem.
Aspect 3 – hold [grenade input] to consume your grenade to activate the devour status.
Notes: literally the same as bottom tree voidwalker now, shouldn’t require too much explanation
Aspect 4 – all void melee abilities now apply the weaken status (works with aspect 2)
Notes: looking at both titan and hunter, they both have ways to apply a weaken debuff using a melee attack (melting point/flawless execution), I really like that kind of high-risk high reward play where you need to take risk of getting up close and personal to some kind of boss/miniboss for a high reward
Example builds
Build 1 (PvP – shotgunners nightmare)
Super – Nova warp
Grenade – your choice
Melee – Ability 1
Aspects – Aspect 1, Aspect 2
This build offers 2 ways to deal with people rushing you, you can use your melee charge for I high damage attack to finish off someone who is already damaged, or you can quickly teleport backwards and pull out something like an SMG or a fusion rifle

Build 2 (PvE – Omega debuff build)
Super – nova bomb
Grenade – Your choice but I would go scatter for a good “wombo combo” with your melee and grenade
Melee ability – also your choice, but I would probably go one
Aspects – Aspect 4, either aspect 2 or 3 depending if you want to be able to activate devour or not
This build focuses on always having a way to debuff something, ideally you would be running high strength to get the most out of your melee ability. You could also run claws of Ahamkara to further push the debuff effect of this build

Build 3 (PvE – Sustain God)
Super – your choice, depending on whether you want ad-clear or single target damage
Grenade - doesn’t matter since you’ll be eating it most of the time
Melee – Melee 2
Aspects – Aspect 3, your call for the second one
This build is pretty much just bottom tree voidwalker now, should be one of the best options for soloing content.

So, I know that was a lot, this is my first go at anything like this so please let me know what you think. This was pretty much just for fun I don't expect Bungie to add anything from here in the actual game. Also sorry if any of the formatting was off, I wrote this in a word document so some of it might have gotten messed up when I copied and pasted it.
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2021.10.20 13:54 Alonn_Pollux Two friends get stuck in rich father’s space station during end of the world [YA]

The book was called “___ and ___”. The protagonist went to a space station with his [friend, robot?] for some reason. The space station was manned completely by robots, and was basically a luxury hotel. Meanwhile, two teenage girls also get onto the station [can’t remember if they snuck on or not]. The robots on the station start to become insane and start killing each other. A virus is spreading among the robots and the four find each other and group up. Near the climax, it is revealed that the virus is the work of some aliens who are actually friendly. The book is humorous and there’s some romance I think between the two pairs. If anyone remembers this, please help. It’s also fairly new
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2021.10.20 13:54 ionbooks The Great Gatsby | VideoBook

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2021.10.20 13:54 Big-Camp-8016 Jo

I feel like her character is so unneeded. All she ever brings is drama..
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2021.10.20 13:54 zhouse_org Ibiza_House_Classics-Deep_House_Relax-(FND438)-WEB-2021-KNOWN / ZHouse

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2021.10.20 13:54 M4sch1n3 Song like glimmer of hope - tevvez?

Im looking for songs like glimmer of hope - tevvez, its so emotional and sad in the beginning and durring but the beat drop makes it euphoric, if you know what I mean.
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2021.10.20 13:54 ExtraGloves Curious about Sager Gaming Laptops.

SO this isn't for me but a friend. I know enough when it comes to building desktop PC's but my knowledge of gaming laptops is limited.
Basically, a friend of mine told me he was planning on getting this pretty insane Sager NP8773S-S Notebook.
Now to me, it's way overkill. He knows it's overkill but has the money to spend. It's kinda one of those I just want to use it and not buy another laptop for years and will be able to play some new games.
My only issue is I have a decent knowledge of brands and laptops and I've never even heard of this brand until today. Every laptop review site I check barely has them listed and can't find much at all on this model.
From the research I've done here, it seems like a good premium brand, but I'd just like some more info.
Also, since he chose this already I usually don't want to steer someone to a different brand or model because then if that one ends up having issues it will be my fault for suggesting something different.
Also wondering if there are better options for a similar price on this list if he does go with this brand.
This model doesn't have G-Sync but the more expensive ones do.
Any help would be appreciated!
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