je tribute qui vous voulez

2021.10.20 13:00 Ok_Gene2607 je tribute qui vous voulez

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2021.10.20 13:00 pale_guy_ The only reason the superheroes in The Incredibles (2004) didn't wear capes is because they were becoming a nuisance and not because they would cover up Elastigirl's ass.

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2021.10.20 13:00 symfonybot Second Round of Selected Speakers at SymfonyWorld 2021 Online 2021 Winter Conference

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2021.10.20 13:00 Left_Security2553 Giratina can invite 10

1570 0664 3383 8111 6691 7304
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2021.10.20 13:00 TheGhostInMyArms With the retirement of Shawne Sharpe, the Triumvirate is no more.

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2021.10.20 13:00 TonCZ Experimented with my hair after getting it cutted, what do you think?

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2021.10.20 13:00 erer1243 Currently, it's October 20, 2021 at 12:00PM

Currently, it's October 20, 2021 at 12:00PM
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2021.10.20 13:00 itAintTonks Should I buy wls with my 216k gems or should I save up for a platinum lock?

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2021.10.20 13:00 cottomcamdy 23 [F] The best pa rin pag married ❤️

May hot guy ba dito na malinis sa katawan? Hehe. Miss ko na magrimjob, mang edge at mang torture sa sarap ng naka-posas na guy 😭 For the record 2 ex ko pa lang nagawa at parehas nilang weakness.
Preferred ko po is chinitong goodboy na married sana hehe. Plus points po pag married or doctor or lawyer😝 Iba po kase talaga pag married cock e 🤤
Let's chat. Godbless po 🙏🏻
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2021.10.20 13:00 DollarGreens Be honest. Which of these 3 costumes would you wear on any given day, not just Halloween?

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2021.10.20 13:00 STARBOY_100 Luckily I downloaded all the leaked pics and videos 😁

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2021.10.20 13:00 MetaKoopa99 Three Sides Live: Survivor (Round 10)

Nothing remains but cinders for Afterglow, now eliminated from this competition. This is an excellent rendition of the Wind & Wuthering finale, and it essentially helped established Afterglow as a moody medley closer for years to come. (And it's also the only song in full to feature on both Seconds Out and Three Sides Live.) But as much as I love this version, and as much as I think it caps the In the Cage medley well, I still can't bring myself to like it as much as the standalone version from Seconds Out, which is a contender for my favorite live version of any Genesis song. But this is still an excellent take on it, and it deserves a high spot in the Survivor.
No need to search everywhere for the next round of voting, it's right here! Vote for your LEAST favorite remaining song from Three Sides Live, and remember to upvote this post for visibility purposes.
The deadline to vote for Round 10 is tomorrow at 12 p.m. EDT/10 a.m. MDT.
Songs Remaining

Songs Eliminated
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2021.10.20 13:00 TheTabletopLair Halloween Tips for Running a Horror RPG

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2021.10.20 13:00 Fishering [H] $50 Meijer Balances [W] $25 PayPal F/F / CashApp / Zelle

NOTE: I am also buying Best Buy $100/$150/$200 denominations at 94% PayPal G&S at this time. Review this post from yesterday. IMPORTANT: Even if this post isn't being made often, this deal is almost always around to some degree. Start a chat any time and feel free to stay in touch. Current Stock: ??? (send a chat or PM)
Approved per rule 4.
I have multiple Meijer accounts w/ $50 reward credits on them. These credits can be spent on almost anything in the store (not gift cards, alcohol, and some other minor exclusions). The exclusions are listed below.
These accounts acquired the balance via a current mPerks promo, "$5 off your next total purchase for every $50 you spend on Select Gift Cards". I made a $500 gift card purchase on each of these accounts to load them with these $50 credits.
Here's the deal:

PM me if interested. Rates are not negotiable.
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2021.10.20 12:59 Localistinessex Evil Parliament

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2021.10.20 12:59 Del_Boca_Vista_4eva Shan'ann's Slippery Slope

Another day, another set of questions about the Watts case. This one has a video time-line. Courtesy of Shan'ann. I've noticed while watching the videos in no particular order that there's a significant change in SW's behavior as her relationship with LeVel gets deeper. It isn't a subtle change. It is significant. In more ways than one.
There is so much content put out by Shan'ann. Starting in August of 2016. She has been on Thrive for almost 8 months. She is just starting her video catalog. The earliest I can find in 2016 is dated the 11th of Aug. I added the length of each video beside the dates so that we can see the change in her social media pattern.
8-11-16 (1:42)
The girls are playing and C & SW are laughing and engaging. The girls seem happy and feeling the positive vibe in the atmosphere.
8-18-16 (1:31)
SW playing with Cece and enjoying the sound of her baby laughing. Sweet video
8-22-16 (1:15)
Girls on the train with a talkative and upbeat CW. SW not saying much.
8-26-16 (:52)
BW in front of the vision board for a raffle. The mood is lighthearted and fun.
8-27-16 (1:30)
SW secretly films an energetic and goofy CW singing Hot Diggity Dog from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He is a happy dad and husband.
8-31-16 (1:15)
SW and BW drawing for a raffle of some kind. SW is so enthusiastic with her daughter and Bella is genuinely happy. But toward the end of the video she says that she's losing her patience with Bellas process.
9-1-16 (1:15)
SW and BW drawing for the winner of $300 cash. She announces that her team has hit 40k. She names a lot of new promoters. SW and Bella look sweet and normal together.
9-21-16 (3:37)
This is her 1st "live". She talks about being uncomfortable about going "live". Its also the 1st Thrive infomercial that I can find. She is giving her "testimony" on Thrive. Talks about her kids being sick and keeping her "super busy". Its the beginning of a talking point that continues through to the end of her life.
She is enjoying the live chat with her huns and you can see what a good saleswoman she is and she looks like she gets a little rush from the live video feeds. She mentions that the kids would have made the whole process easier. She knows they are an ice breaker among other women groups.
She makes a few more videos to finish out September and you can see her getting more and more comfortable in front of the camera.
Strangely, there are no videos from the moth of October of 2016. I couldn't find one. But she picks back up in November and she has stepped up her SM game.
11-1-16 (8:13)
She is advertising the Pure product. Ok, I hate watching her gulp down those Pure shots. It looks painful and it irritates me for reasons I can't explain. Anyway, to sum up the video...Thrive family has been a huge blessing and she's so thankful. She is there to share how her life has changed since Thrive. She's "building" all of this for her girls and she is so proud of what she has accomplished in the past 10 months. She's 10× a better person. Gained so much confidence and strength. It goes on for another 4 minutes of the same. On repeat.
I smell complete and total indoctrination. She has drank all of the Thrive kool-aid. Errr...I mean Lifestyle mix. She is on a different mission since hitting that 40k status within the "company" and she is getting her #bossbabe panties on.
She is sliding.
11-2-16 (3:54) she posts 2 videos back to back. This is the 1st. The 2nd is more of the same.
This is the 1st cooking video. I thought it was significant because she says she "has had lots of blessings since LeVel and I can stay home and take care of my girls and grow my team." Has she quit her job at the hospital already? Does she honestly believe that?
11-4-16 (18:25)
I included this video because she talks about her other experiences with MLMs. She claims that Thrive isn't like all the other MLMs that she has been a part of in the past. Thrive has helped her grow so much in the past 6 months and she is now a better mom because of the leadership skills she has learned. She is more confident (we can see that is true). The lovebombing and toxic positivity has started to take hold.
11-9-16 (15:53) 2 videos on this date. I included this one because of the MLM "plan" that she has for her audience.
She is now feeling better about her "live" audience. She's much more at ease in front of the camera. She is on a fast talking MLM scam-a-thon. Lularoe, Lipscents (or wtf ever its called), Scentsy, Thrive, etc...she may have had a shout out to the essential oils hun out there. She says that she needs 6 more direct sales reps to join her and "shoot her a msg" so that they can have an all-encompassing MLM orgy of gift buying/selling of one anothers bullshit for Christmas. Some unsuspecting relatives will be getting leggings, or weight loss pills that year. Everybody just buying from other direct sales companies that SW is signing up for this circle of hell. She is really feeling herself. She's on a rambling journey of self reflection since starting Thrive. Her advice? Everybody be happy! She mentions being judged when it comes to doing these direct sales but she quickly tries to restart that statement with being judged because of her clothes. This tells me that she has heard the voices of reason concerning Thrive. Haters. She calls them all haters. She says being happy "which means you need Thrive"🙄 and "be kind to everybody." Boy, does she do a shit job of that in the future. And the best line of the video..."dont worry about what anyone thinks about you because you don't have to impress them." Uh, but that is exactly what she ends up doing. And it helps bring about the fall of her family.
There are videos posted almost everyday from here on. Im going to skip to the end of November. Where we 1st hear what will become her speaking points from then on out.
11-29-16 (5:20)
We get the 1st real look at "Rampage" aka cece. She is really a ball of energy like most toddlers. SW and Bella are talking about wanting another baby. BW is sullen and sucking her thumb. She looks sad. SW talks on and on about how sad Bella is about not having a baby brother or sister. SW brings it up repeatedly while cece runs around being freaking adorable. Once again, mentions a new baby. Now, cece wants a new baby. The girls start to fuss and BW sticks her thumb into her mouth everytime the camera is pointed at her. SW says "alright guys, I should have a video of my day" this is the front door to her self importance later.
She posts daily starting in December 2016. Sometimes multiple times a day.
12-14-16 (15:33)
SW is in her office. Kids are asleep. She has hopped on to talk about her purpose. Wants to talk about "me". She loves helping people. She has helped sooo many people. She once had a bad marriage and and awful divorce. Took alot from her. Took everything. Had to start over financially and it made all the negative come flooding into her life. Went thru long struggle with her ex. Ok, this is weird. Leonard King doesn't say anything of the sort when he was asked about their marriage. No one else mentions that SW had a "tough" marriage before chris. 2010- she has health challenges. She was in a bad place and unhappy. Lost so many friends because of her health challenges. This is interesting. She says " I lost alot of friends that I thought were close friends because they DIDNT BELIEVE ME. DIDNT BELIEVE I WAS STRUGGLING AND HURTING." Hmmm... did her old friends call her out on her bullshit Lupus diagnosis? Her health challenges brought her to Chris. She didn't want him. But because of her health challenges she meets him and ba da boom, married, 2 kids, live in CO. This is when she starts claiming that thrive has helped her beat her health challenges. A litany of bullshit about helping people.
12-21-16 (3:57)
The girls are obviously sick and something is different about SW. Her eyes look glassy. Her speech is off. Her "perfect home life" is showing cracks. As soon as SW starts recording the girls begin to whine and cry and fight. I believe that this is the beginning of Thrive negatively affecting the Watts home. We get a glimpse into SWs mindset when the girls interrupt her important LeVel business. If im not mistaken, the girls will be sent to school full time shortly after the new year. Also, SW almost falls off of the stool that she is sitting on with cece in her lap. What happened here? I've watched it a dozen times and it isn't cece that causes the tumble.
Ok, redditors. Thats part 1 of Shan'anns slide into the LeVel hell that plays a large part in the tragic ending. There are many more videos that finish out 2016 but these are a sample of things to come. The beginning of the end so to speak. She has been named a 4k promoter and it has brought on an enormous change in SW. You can clearly see it in the progression of videos. The videos are longer, her 1st complaints about her girls have surfaced and she is much more animated. Thank God, for black label. What did you notice about the first year of Shananns Thrive experience?
Stay tuned for part 2 (2017) coming soon.
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2021.10.20 12:59 alvaraa Opened a dessert wine last weekend that I have stored since 2013. Very good, sweet with toffee and ripe fruit flavours. For most of the time it was stored in room temperature and upright so I was glad it wasn't ruined.

Opened a dessert wine last weekend that I have stored since 2013. Very good, sweet with toffee and ripe fruit flavours. For most of the time it was stored in room temperature and upright so I was glad it wasn't ruined. submitted by alvaraa to wine [link] [comments]

2021.10.20 12:59 The_annoyed_asexual Working outside my scheduled hours?

So im a maintenance tech for an apartment complex and occasionally recieve OT when i get an emergency call from tenants. Its nice when needed and the company also allows me to just take the time off instead if needed.
With winter coming up were going over our snow removal policy and im told snow needs to be removed prior to 7am, over night when needed and weekends also. However instead of being payed overtime for coming into work 3.5hrs early at times im instead told i will need to leave early to make sure i do not exceed 40hrs weekly unless im needed.
I work 2 jobs at theoment because i need the cash and my 2md job is aware that im on call at times and may have to go in outside of my hours. But not being payed OT for those instance seems like total BS.
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2021.10.20 12:59 cheryst Where would you go to have a good time/enjoy?

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2021.10.20 12:59 buy_N_sell_vtg_NHL [For Sale] $160 on all shipped to USA + $25 to Canada (Details/photos in comments)

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