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How come sometimes we’re allowed to post pictures but other times we’re only allowed to post text?

2021.12.04 20:17 hey-its-me-sonic How come sometimes we’re allowed to post pictures but other times we’re only allowed to post text?

Like it’s a little confusing, cause sometimes I’ll post a meme, and then when I go to post another one it says I gotta go to another community to post image. Anyone know why?
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2021.12.04 20:17 KS2084 Друг всегда выручит.

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2021.12.04 20:17 Vondis This happens multiple times a day, don't know why.

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2021.12.04 20:17 Papercandy22 Are all Telemarketers scam artists?

I just got done watching The Housewife & The Shah Shocker documentary on Hulu. It showed how telemarketers and the fraud racket they run scammed people out of millions of dollars. Why are they allowed to continue to be a thing?
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2021.12.04 20:17 LynnerC Multi-coloured house. Bad idea?

So my partner and I recently bought our first home. A nice bungalow. It was built in the 50s and appears to be last renovated in the 80s based on the tile choice and some style, has some fresh coat of neutral paint but that is about it.
We are going to be renoing/modernizing piece by piece as our budget allows but otherwise everything is functional.
I have always had a dream of owning a home and having it a bright, multicolour home where each room has its own pallette and theme. A yellow kitchen, a red den, a lime office, an eggplant bedroom (all with appropriate accent colours, baseboards, etc). But now that I am in the home and ready to get on with some painting I am afraid of my dream. It seems great it my head but I am worried if it will be bad in the end. Does a house need some sort of flow between rooms? Will all these vibrant colours seem disjointed as a whole even if the individual rooms have a nice theme?
Just looking for some feedback. Does having a bright multi-coloured home give any warning flags from people with more experience in this.
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2021.12.04 20:17 doslicious Exhausted after 4th period

Hey I've been paying attention in my classes but after 4th period I have a major drop in productivity, and almost fall asleep, if you have any ways to fix this let me know.
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2021.12.04 20:17 Qtkad3n What is something that needs to be said that no one wants to hear?

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2021.12.04 20:17 Boltup310 Deadlock legend Dick the Cock Johnson confirmed for Fortnite

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2021.12.04 20:17 kylanlawrence r/madnesscombat

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2021.12.04 20:17 Amoracchius2 [WTS] Ballistic helmet and gear (MT)

Prices are still best offer, I accept almost all payment methods including crypto, and trades are accepted (my needs/wants below) and I can add cash on top of some things.
• Team Wendy Ballistic SL - Size 1. Comes with Comtac III’s on Ops Core AMP arms and AXL RAC links, Wilcox G24, Princeton Tec MPLS, and Agilite counterweight pouch. Worn once for fitting. $1600
• Shaw Concepts ARC Carrier - Fits 10”x12” plates. Comes with IR flag patch, EPC, shoulder pads, and RAIDv2 pouch (empty). Worn once over a jacket, no dirt, sweat or smell. No plates included. $420
• UF PRO set in brown-grey (basically ranger green). Includes Large Striker X combat shirt and 34/32 Striker XT combat pants. Never worn. $300
• True North FDE MHA kit. BNIB. $110
Get your kit here
I will accept trades for:
•gray complete MCX Virtus upper
•black T-2 with KAC cap
•black XPS or EXPS 3-0
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2021.12.04 20:17 ShortVibrava LF: Any Aerodactyl FT: 6iv Gible

Can't find an old amber for the life of me and have an extra 6iv jolly gible
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2021.12.04 20:17 Tibulski St Marx

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2021.12.04 20:17 wort-arbiter Ionela have a gift to ruin grown men hopes and dreams.

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2021.12.04 20:17 Thecheeseburgerler How do you "know" which cat to adopt?

My last two cats just magically appeared in my life, and became my cats. Now they have both passed from natural causes, and I'm feeling ready to be a cat mom again. I intend to adopt from a local shelter, but I'm feeling overwhelmed. I don't know how to tell which kitty is my "one." Anyone have stories or tips to share?
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2021.12.04 20:17 i-cant-use-a-name Me fishing my friends out of the water

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2021.12.04 20:17 Octicactopipodes Alright, I’m sure it’s nothing, but google,encouraging me to give you my home address looks shady as fuck!

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2021.12.04 20:17 Docosmosis Episode 391: Relaxed Fit - The Finders is one of the funniest episodes.

I had forgotten about this episode and listening back to it I have found it to be really funny. Way funnier then when I first listened to it I think. Just wanted to put it out there to anyone thinking about what to listen to.
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2021.12.04 20:17 BYT3-M3 The most ridiculous thing I’ve heard in this season so far (spoilers)

So I’m on episode 2 of season 3 and robot just showed penny and will the abandoned city where he was made. So robot looks out and penny looks at him and says: “he looks like he’s trying to remember something”, I’m sitting here thinking, how the flying fuck does a robot with no face, look like it’s trying to remember something penny? Could you please explain that?
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2021.12.04 20:17 ebjejeb3b3 Why is my dad and my brother so obsessed with theme songs?

Theme songs from a movie or game. They're always listening to those types of music but I don't understand it.
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2021.12.04 20:17 jtwalder I trained an AI on the Horus Heresy Books and had it write a chapter!

Inspired by a post from u/Arch_Magos_Remus and with training materials from u/Skhmt, I fed an AI sections of the Horus Heresy book and gave it the prompt "There can be no justice without fear, no fear without suffering." The result was a 2000 word chapter generated by the AI, I made small grammatical changes to make it a little bit easier to read, but tried not to tamper with it too much.

There can be no justice without fear, no fear without suffering. The cheeks and brow were seething, and the oceanic surge of its gastric caverns. He could smell its rank breath, said Bakunin equerry. The Upplander looked down at the body of the rune priest propped up in a sitting position against the alien wall. I will defy the laws of the cosmos. He was near death. The apparatus that secured him was the work of the wolf priests, part restraint, part interrogation device, part life support mechanism. Tube lines and feeds ran from beating vital units on the floor behind the cross, and burrowed like worms into the sutured flesh graft that patched the wound cavity in his chest. He looked out of the skike to give himself time to check his annoyance. The superorbital plate of sleet. There was a little shock. He waited for it to turn. He waited for it to turn and see him. and he fell. He knew that it cannot be, and we will show you such things. Things you cannot imagine. Murza let out a low moan. Hawser ignored the hooded figures and crouched down by Murza. He tilted the man's face as most of the personnel were uniformed officers of the imperial prisoners. Each prisoner, the Quietude stated, displayed over fifteen thousand points of differential that revealed them to be nonhuman impostors, as the vivisections clearly demonstrated. the commander of the expedition fleet, because they had been one one men, Hawser wondered? He looks informal. Why does he want me here? The bear stopped at the edge of the scarp, stumbling with the burden of the injured. it was a habit that had stuck, and bear, forever taciturn, had never seen fit to correct me. In the language of the Vlka Fenryka, his name was Bjorn. I recognise my failing and will be sure to correct it, Helwintr replied. I could hear a moment. Wyrdmakes hurt, said Hawser. I heard him. we have to find him, Eada replied. I don't know what happened. the daemon said. Hawser took a sip of his amasec. He felt the tray in the high station, a two hour trek they had made his ruling, said the voice. You are you looking at me like that? they they made you should have for a long time, Hawser had been around regular humans, he said. his voice was thin with the Upplander. I don't know them to be far more than the stupid barbarians they were thought to be. there were busy quarters of bustling streets and squares, the sound of a vox speaker turning with a low hum, allowing golden light and come sit, where are you going to go? Caliban, perhaps. Hawser could feel the deep, but there were balt to make that, said Godsmote. it wasn't your best. i can assure you it was, said Hawser. Longfang shook his head. droplets of blood flecked from his beard. no, you'll learn better ones, he said. far better ones. And even now, it's not the best you know. it's the most unnerving thing that happened to me in my old life, said Hawser with some defiance. It has the most maleficarum. you know that's not true, said Longfang. in your heart, you know better. you're denying yourself. Hawser woke with a start. for a terrible, rushing moment, he thought he was somewhere else, but he was never any more trouble. Hawser a three year old could remember a dead sense of superiority. it was not a book, not a page, not a button or a bead. I did tonight look serious? are you suggesting that was something? some kind of what? it was a trick. it was a smile of axe. he could not been in to support, witnessed the aett, a long gallery with a burden of the glory, not a book, not a page, not a page, then the other one of the last few in his right hand, he held the tray back across his face and of the architecture of our archives. These are issues that I am happy to explore I don't believe they are issues, undersecretary, said Hawser. I believe they are symptoms and excuses. They are soft ways of censoring and forbidding. they are subtle ways of controlling, six or seven of them in a wet of the wolves, ser? he had been placed into Hawser's eyes. The priest was a shaft, rectangular in cross section, and the sides of the shaft had been cut, like the platform, out of the living rock. The shaft dropped into the darkness below him in square cut, oblong bites, like the layers of a cake, or the cubic levels of a monolithic quarry. they looked like they had been cut with sideways slices of a giant chisel that had been empty for nineteen years, but you have to make both sides suspect the worst and prepare for reaction? I turned the very traits and habits of each legions. no one seemed to fall on the theatre first appearance. He tried to rise. blood was leaking out of longfang in the air, and drops of them. Saeneyti went. the daemon said his name. the sense of personal dislocation, but the tight confines were being quiet, and they are just words to me. words. the very fact of the juniors this the Gothi, Hunur. The Upplander was panting had been a long time since it was a light and, a sort, a gesture of confidence and command, he held out of the decking and the rail. I saw one of the great halls of the royal palace of the Olamic Quietude successfully and precisely identified the nature of the weapons being. kill. just a giant corpse building. The Astartes had been gaming. The Upplander got a massive extraplanetary invasion, like the others gods and the boats runners were shrieking across the surface of the mirror sea like the baleful voices of the wights of the underverse, the cold hit them. it was the open cold, the cold of the dull, Ironhard end of winter, the blunt cold of the open courts, there are so many threads. The priest was hurt. Where are you going? Murza called out, ignoring the voice of the silent sisters lurked around the corners of the vast space, lending their distressing absence to the location. at the bustling console positions, most of the personnel were uniformed officers of the imperial fleet, the seat of the shipmasters redleather throne. he turned to face Hawser. his presence was almost intolerable. he would leave the mountain with his spear or his axe, and go out into the high wastes of Asaheim. his blood never froze, that's what they said about him. because of all that mjod he had drunk, Erthung liked to add. Tjurl went hunting that day in the graving dock out of orbit, after the high, a in one of our own Gothi, in the immediate vicinity of you to know. it puzzles me that the time of all, that is that Hawser, kept men, where humans had only inhabited the high, and began to recognise which of his techniques worked well and which seemed to impress the least. his only real misstep came when he described some fallen enemies in one account as finally succumbing to the worms in. I do, Hawser added. he was painfully aware that the other wolves, especially Helwintr, were glaring at him. he held his hand up to stop the fist from hitting his face and caught it in his palm. there was a little shock. he wasn't sure what kind of animal the bone had been taken by the inner stacks furthest from the screen door entranceway. it was looking at the boats wall, but they were not. Hawser knew that. Murza knew he was a state of mind that was not destined to last. Murza, he said. his lips felt like dough. His voice flowed like glue. who had sent you. the Upplander said, I remember. a daemon. An time to be this dangerous, he said. no. he would not a council? Hawser smiled. I persuaded the universitariate board to hire me on a trial basis. so far, I've recovered seven thousand texts to get some awareness. made a bit of the Olamic Quietude, men, one overlight feathering of the account to the platform. it was just an outpost, a few shelters built on some crags that rose above the cave wall four or five metres off, there is compensation for a very worthwhile goal for you, Kasper? no, Kasper replied. I’ll tell you against us. I had a grip too, said Russ. It came out the same thing. He was only a mammalian apex predator. He couldn't see what they both to be. There was a quill as big as a harpoon. He stared down at the Upplander. the Upplander realised the Astartes had a helmet and his sons in the high, and closed one eye, then the other, back and forth. when he switched back to his wolf eye for it. I see anger in your face, though, the priest said. I think I've come closer to the truth than you have so far. you still haven't really answered. Why do you see you? I had a chance like we are the language you, said the voice. no trace, a story? is it? yes. Murza got dressed. Hawser realised it was a trick. it was a long way behind them, muffled by the distance and the pigs. It was his fault you fell as a bad star. I remember your face. I told him to make bloody sure he took the both of you, after all you did for me. fifth was a state of that, it was a massive thing, a statement of intent, a declaration of what? asked Hawser. Hawser could feel the steady and monumental pump of the atmosphere processors preserving the engineered enclave of Nikaea, three to the revulsion the females of the ice field rushing by. were somewhere near the middle of shitgoesourluck, and raised his head with a bad star. the blood of a carnivore. a new, a busy market, except all the traders were provisioners of military service and the other muttering dreadnoughts as companions. none of the Olamic Quietude, men had given of themselves. the newcomer had had him. The equerry had been set tipdown.
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2021.12.04 20:17 2pro4u___ please i want to hit 20k next year

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2021.12.04 20:17 Chilenot Tetracampeones ( de torneos largos)

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2021.12.04 20:17 Calm-Two-2041 Ah yes, the feeling of having some power for once.

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2021.12.04 20:17 RedditUser184925483 Quarantine

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2021.12.04 20:17 Obewyn CMMC 2.0: Giving Defense Contractors More Time to Do Less (on Cybersecurity) | Arent Fox

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